Cannabis and Cash Transportation and Distribution in Oklahoma

An important part of your cannabis business is having the best quality product in front of every customer, but no matter how prime your cannabis products are when they leave your growhouse, they’re only as good as the condition they’re in when they arrive at the dispensary. To ensure your product retains the superior quality your consumers demand, you need a partner who understands what it means to be on time and on target.

When you need reliable and consistent cannabis transportation and distribution, you need Tactical Transportation. Our mission is two-fold: to protect your business, clients, and profits, and to help ensure you stay compliant. That’s why we don’t just deliver shipments—we use fast, safe, and secure processes to provide exceptional service and products that you can pass on to your customers.

Operate with confidence knowing that both your cash and your cannabis are being transported and distributed as safely and efficiently as possible, protected by:

  • Discreet, nondescript, and semi-armored vehicles that don’t draw attention;
  • The added assurance of cannabis transportation insurance;
  • Tamper-proof cash bags; and,
  • Fully traceable next-day delivery. 

Our state-of-the-art route scheduling software ensures we optimize driver and route assignments for the fastest arrival, and our fully Metrc-certified tracking system gives you complete visibility across the entire custody chain for your cash or cannabis. 

You can also rest easy knowing every one of our drivers has the training, experience, and licensing to handle your assets responsibly. We only build our team with Oklahoma residents who’ve passed every background check and met every one of our stringent standards, including previous military, security, or law enforcement experience. 

In addition, Tactical Transportation was one of the first companies in Oklahoma to receive commercial transporter licenses through OMMA, and we continue to set the standard in following all regulations regarding our agents.

Our Transport Vehicles

At Tactical Transportation, we specialize in securely transporting, distributing, and storing cash and cannabis. It’s all we do, and every aspect of our operations is designed to do it well. Our fleet of transport vehicles has been customized to ensure safe, timely, and quality delivery no matter what we’re moving. From food-grade and temperature-controlled vans for flowers, edible, and other derivative products—fresh or frozen—up to 5000 pounds to vans specifically set up for clone delivery, every semi-armored vehicle is outfitted with:

  • Vehicle Wi-Fi and hands-free speaking options so drivers can quickly adapt to changes and keep you informed without risking the security of your shipment
  • Hardened storage 
  • GPS, so you can track your shipment

In addition to commercial auto policies, we also carry a cannabis theft rider which provides transport insurance to cover up to $250,000 in cash and $500,000 in product while in transit.

Our Cannabis and Cash Transportation Process

Stop worrying about where your shipment is with a straight and secure transportation and distribution process you can trust. Whether it’s product or cash, seed to sale, Tactical Transportation has you covered, with same-day pickup, overnight warehouse storage, and next-day delivery services, all conducted with our military professionalism and precision. Cash return and product pickup are free—you only pay for delivery—and we deliver anywhere in the state, with fees starting as low as $50 in the OKC and Tulsa metro areas.* 

At Tactical Transportation, we do more than meet the industry standard for cannabis transportation—we exceed it by implementing best practices and proven SOPs for a delivery guarantee that’s second to none. We promise fast turnaround times, with cash returns guaranteed within 48 hours of delivery; copies of inventory manifests provided for all parties; and assurance that all invoices have the proper payment method identified along with a strict payment return policy. We also make sure our drivers have multiple points and means of contact in case there are any issues at any stage of the process, so problems can be resolved well before becoming a supply-chain sticking point.

With Tactical Transportation, you’ll never lose sight of your business assets, thanks to detailed tracking and reporting every step of the way. Cash is picked up in tamper-proof cash bags and all products receive serialized seals so you can be sure that what’s picked up is exactly what’s delivered, every single time. Track the progress of your shipment with pictures, digital signatures, and time stamping, as well as text message notifications and emails when it’s nearing the final destination. 

*Delivery fees start at $75 outside of metro areas, $175 for areas west and northwest of Enid. Call and speak to one of our staff for more detailed pricing.

Our Advantage

Since 2019, Tactical Transportation has been making a name for ourselves as one of the most professional, experienced, and reputable cannabis transport companies in Oklahoma, and we have the connections to show for it: we’re proud to partner with more than 900 unique dispensaries across the state, businesses who trust us personally to meet their product pick up, storage, and distribution needs out of our two cannabis warehouse locations (OKC and Tulsa). 

This translates into unparalleled purchasing power for you. Because we’re already in front of the decision-makers, we can help connect your cannabis and cannabis products to the dispensaries that want them. We pride ourselves on distinguished distribution, building the relationships between growers and sellers that the cannabis industry needs to thrive.

Safe, Secure, and Reliable Cannabis Transportation and Distribution with Tactical Transportation

You take enough risk as a business owner; don’t take more than you need by leaving your cash and cannabis logistics to just anyone. Go with the pros at Tactical Transportation. Call or email us today for your free quote so you can keep your business moving toward tomorrow.

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