Cannabis Warehousing in Oklahoma

Your cannabis business extends beyond your growhouse or dispensary walls. That’s great for profits, but tough on process visibility. For those times when your cannabis or cash can’t be in your sight, Tactical Transportation provides the secure warehousing and storage services you deserve to operate your business with confidence.

At Tactical Transportation, we’re experts in meeting your cannabis and cash storage demands because that’s all we do, and we’ve mastered the art of doing it well. Both our Oklahoma City and Tulsa cannabis warehouses are fully OMMA-compliant, access-controlled, and outfitted with DEA-standard security cages similar to pharmaceutical use, protected by full state-of-the-art cloud-based surveillance and armed on-site security, fully staffed 24/7.

Our Cannabis Storage

Proper product storage is crucial to keeping your cannabis safe, effective, and potent. It can also help extend the life of your products. Our warehouses are humidity and climate-controlled at 66 degrees, with freezer and refrigeration storage for both fresh and frozen products, including food-grade edibles, flowers, and other derivatives. With the capability to adjust ventilation, lighting, moisture, and more, we can customize our state-of-the-art storage facilities for your product’s ideal conditions.

Our Process

Because we touch nearly every stage of the cannabis logistics and distribution process, we know how to maximize efficiency, ensure accountability, and optimize profitability, all while keeping your assets safe and secure. All of our processes are integrated with Metrc, a real-time tracking system, to make our cannabis operations—and yours—safe and compliant from seed to sale. Tracking prevents diversion into the black market and helps you keep sight of your assets no matter where they are with pictures, digital signatures, and time stamping, as well as text message and email notifications and alerts.

Every product receives unique, serialized tags with readable text, barcodes, and RFID chips so every plant or flower can be physically and digitally recognized and identified, and all that information is available to everybody in the supply chain who needs it for fast, accurate, and transparent inventory management. In addition, copies of shipping manifests are provided to all licensed parties, including origination and receiving, establishing a secure chain of custody.

Before leaving our warehouse, we contact the destination to confirm the shipment is still required. If your shipment isn’t going directly to a distributor or dispensary, it’s securely stored in our warehouses while locations and deliveries are scheduled.

Our Staff

Our warehouses are staffed 24/7 and all employees receive the same rigorous background evaluations and extensive industry-specific training as our couriers. In addition to assigning two highly trained warehouse associates to properly store, pick, pack, and prep every shipment for maximum accountability and accuracy and armed messengers to deliver, we designate dedicated cash clerks and customer service reps to verify orders and inventory and resolve any issues that may arise. Everything is monitored by experienced operations supervisors, giving you just one more layer of assurance that we’re caring for your business assets with precision and professionalism.

Expand Your Capabilities with Secure Cash & Cannabis Warehouse Storage from Tactical Transportation

Maintain your product quality, consistency, and security, even when it’s not in your shop, with Tactical Transportation’s state-of-the-art storage and warehouse facilities. Our top priority is protecting your assets and delivering them to their destinations exactly as you expect—no guessing, no gimmicks. Call us for your free quote today so you can be ready for anything tomorrow brings.

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